New 2011, new website!

Publicado por Limoncete el 13 Jan 2011 en Efectividads

We start this new year 2011 introducing our new corporate website, where you will have issues and new developments relating to our company, our first product AdLemons, and everything will happen to the future, so we’ve got here .. will not be little. Because in Efectividads, we believe there is still much to do in Social Media Marketing and we will try to offer it.

And that post was nothing more than to say the typical Hello World! and introduce too all the ways you have to contact with us, because in addition to contact form and phone: +34 902 885 226, for which we are not even located you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn. So we are at your disposal in Social Media Marketing is concerned.

And a little more to say ..See you on Internet!



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